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Buy and sell ether using cash. Spend it at physical stores. No bank account needed. Just a phone.
Dether is the world’s first peer-to-peer ether network that enables on Earth to buy and sell ether using cash and spend it at physical stores. Dether creates a worldwide ecosystem of ether buyers, sellers and physical stores willing to trade ether for fiat cash and accept it as a means of payment. Dether provides the infrastructure for people to embrace the Ethereum technology in their everyday lives. Dether is available on any smartphone. No bank account is needed to buy and sell ether. No credit/debit card is needed to spend ether at physical stores.

Press releases

Dether, the World’s First Peer-to-Peer Ether Network, Will Change the...

Paris, France July 31, 2017—Powered by Ethereum smart contracts, Dether is a revolutionary new way for anyone on Earth to buy ether using cash and... read more

31.07.2017 • By Dether